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**VOL1: Slalom lures

Slalom lures establish a new category, and they are actually called “A letter of S” lures in Japan because of the action like a letter of S. They are totally different from any other lure’s swimming action. Therefore, the slalom lures have a great power to attract a lot of fish from wide range in clear water. The new concept slalom lure can make fish want to chase and bite the lure. Once you learn how to make it slalom, you will see how wonderful power it has. At this time, I will explain you what the slalom lures are using the special article of “Lure Magazine” which is very famous fishing magazine in Japan.

What is the slalom lure’s action?

Usually, lures only can swim straight even if they can roll and wobble their body.However, slalom lures can move in a zigzag as if you were drawing a letter of S when you just retrieve the lures .( illustration 1)
1) The action of slalom depends on the movable angle in the joint (illustration 2) and total body balance. Recently, there are many types of slalom lures in many manufactures. However, basically when you retrieve the lure fast, it tends to swim tightly. On the other hand, when you retrieve it slowly, it tends to swim widely. It is very helpful for you to memorize this point.
photo_slalom action


This new swimming action of lures establishes a new category. First of all, I will show you the movie of the basic swimming action in the slalom lures.Here, you can see the normal retrieve action, the lively action and walking dog action. Moreover, I will show you the practical methods and how to mix these actions.

Types of slalom lures.

The size of the lure can change the width and the range of the lure’s wave motion in different kinds of slalom lures.While slim slalom lures do not get much water pressure and swim like a letter of S more narrowly, bigger lures swim more widely in the same slim figure and attracts fish more widely.Furthermore, flat side slalom lures have their own flashing effects and swim lively. Therefore, it is very suitable for you to use this flat side type when you want to find good spots quickly and make fish bite the lure by a reflex action.
I designed many types of slalom lures in order to adjust different kinds of situations in many places. There are two types such as a slim type and a flat side type. The slim type one includes a little curved “One Eighty”, real shape and natural action “Zillva” and full presence “Garison Gracy-S”. The flat side type one includes “GIRON”, “Baroque-S” and “Chased-S”.
  • One Eity : 190mm/ 58g , Floating , Variation : Slow sinking, and more …
  • SRIDE : 125mm/30g , Slow sinking , Variation : 95mm/12.3g
  • zillva : 140mm/ 26g , Slow sinking , Variation : Slow floating , and more …
  • Garison Gracy-S : 158mm/45g , Sinking
  • GIRON: 93mm/ 22.5g , Slow sinking , Variation : Baby GIRON
  • Baroque-S: 120mm/ 30g , Slow sinking
  • Chad-S: 95mm/16g , Variation Slow sinking
  • ATTENTION: The material, which is used for lure’s tail, is elastomer. If you put plastic warms and warm oil with this material in your tackle box, this will melt both plastic warms and elastomer.Moreover, please be careful of the damage and the deformation because this helps to disturb the smooth swimming action.
Lure Magazine is published monthly, and it has very hot information.
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